Wish you had more time?
Smartphones are fantastic productivity tools, entertainers and connectors. Unfortunately, they can also be huge time sucks and lead to feelings of disappointment, anxiety, unhappiness and FOMO. In this 5 Day Intentional Screens Challenge, you'll discover how to put your priorities first and gain more time to do what's important. All in 15 minutes or less per day. This Challenge is specifically designed for parents and step-parents. By Day 5, you will have a customized Screentime Plan for your family. Challenge starts this Monday September 23rd and daily components will be posted to a private Facebook group.
You're not alone.

According to a 2019 study by Common Sense Media, 45% of parents report feeling addicted to their phone.


Join this Challenge if:


  • you argue with your kids about screen time
  • you bring your phone to the dinner table
  • you sleep with the phone in your bedroom
  • you feel anxious if you don't have your phone with you


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    You'll learn strategies to take back control of your screen, as well as ways to unplug and recharge.


    Who's Behind the Challenge?

    Lisa Honold works with schools and parents to improve safety and decrease digital trauma so that kids develop into empathetic and intelligent digital citizens. She is currently raising three "digital natives" of her own.


    What will you learn?
    • An easy way to track screen usage for any device
    • How to create a Screentime Plan for your family
    • Your unique triggers for unhealthy screen use
    • The feelings associated with your screen use
    • How to live your best life with a healthy mix of online and offline time
    • (and help your children learn to do the same!)